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Interested in showcasing your work?

If you're a local artist who's interested in gaining exposure, feel free to use our space to do so! We're always on the look out to showcase local talent. To be part of our feature wall, simply choose one or two of your favourite artworks and have them dropped off at the Cafe any day between Tuesday-Sunday (2pm-10pm). The frames can be any colour/shape or size (as long as it is not larger than A3). We accept any form of art media... whether it's photography/ traditional art/ digital art/ sculptures/ clay/ 3-D printing... and every other art medium you can think of.

YES, It's FREE of charge! we're here to help local artists not profit off of their work. In order to help each featured artist financially apart from simply gaining exposure, we're giving each artist the opportunity to price their work and sell it after having it 2 months on display, this will allow them to get the chance to earn the money they deserve for the time and effort that went into their piece/s.

Every 3 months, the wall will have a rotation and all the artworks will be replaced with new ones giving other local artists the chance to display their work while ensuring that the featured artwork returns to it's rightful owner (if not sold) after it has been taken down from the feature wall. Nonetheless, we would like to clarify that the artworks can be collected by the artists anytime upon their request. We do not claim any form of ownership over the artworks, we're simply providing a space for local artists to exhibit their work. With this being said, if any featured artwork is being sold, all the profit will go directly to the artist.

*Ps. Please do not by afraid to show off your work! Every artist has a unique style and sets of skills. It can be overwhelming to share something as personal as an artwork, but we encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and be proud of the work you create.*

Feel free to send an email to: ...with any further questions or queries!

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